Mr Hassan

So Im sitting at home chilling out on Saturday at about half twelve in the afternoon when I receive a phone call from Mr Addam Hassan. He frantically tells me that he is stuck in Eastbourne after a night on the tiles in Brighton because a train has decided to break down on the track. He wants to know whether I will kindly give him a lift to Hastings! Of course I oblige, I haven’t seen him for about 2months not since our mini piss up one thursday evening. When we get to his house he shows off his stunningly tidy house (Mmmm) and his even more stunningly tidy bedroom (what did you call it Ad? Organised chaos?) But I must say big thanks to the silly bugger as he did help me out with my sites optimization (kind of) and gave me a few tips. Cheers big man, lets have a few beers soon!


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