Video iPod

So the new Apple Video iPod is out along with the new version of iTunes. Now im a big lover of Apple but why in gods name did they build a video iPod with such a small screen (2.5 inches)? I would much prefered if they had rotated the iPod to a landscape position, giving more room for a bigger screen, you could then have put the jog wheel to the right and all would have been good. The other thing that is slightly rubbish is it will cost you £1.89 to download a music video, when in the states it cost $2 for a entire episode of Lost. Apple need to reduce the cost or people will laugh at them, and we cant have that!! Check it for yourself. </rant>


2 Responses

  1. Dude just checked out the eBay thing…..jammy C**t!!!! hahahahaha

  2. Cheers dude, haven’t received the cash yet though so Im not holding my breath : )

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