4 Years Today!

DSC01490.JPGToday is our anniversary. Bobbie and I have been together for 4 whole years. Hurrah for us! Mmmm dont we look sexy together!!


3 Responses

  1. Congrats Dudes! You’ve had a wicked four years (hasn’t the time flown by … boy am I getting old!) and it’s great to see you both as happy as ever.Bobs, you are the best sis in the world (bar NONE). Ad, you are THE MAN and you’re more than just ‘my sis’ bloke’; you’re a best mate too.Have fun in Oz! I know you will 🙂

  2. Hi guys! Crikey 4 years – nice one! The photo’s fab! Hope you had a very special day! J and I will see you soon – thats a promise (Bobs, with the boys on skype I much prefer to catch up the traditional way, ie in person with a few drinks!!!) Take care, el xxx p.s. Hi Russ!

  3. Hi El, Thanks for the post. We had a great day, nice meal and a few deserved drinks! Cant wait to hook with you guys, we should sort something out soon. I will chat with bob’s and see when we can m ake it up your way. Until then, stay safe : )

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