Welcome to my new improved website. Its still being tampered with but I hope to get it sorted soon.The colour of the site will change once I work out how to do it. Please feel free to browse and leave any messages you feel fit to leave.




3 Responses

  1. hiyas ad nice to see ya site.good to see you still touching up all there pimples and warts hehe i see you and bobby thinkin of going traveling any ideas where yet bro?emails us back :d

  2. Hiya iggy,We are now aiming for the end of May 06! Gonna try and get around Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and America. It will all be posted right here. It will seem like you are actually with us : )

  3. Hi Ad, Me again!Forgot to say, I love the site! When I get home I will nag, sorry ‘politely ask’ (!) Jason to stop working and to post some comments!Hope all’s cool in sunny eastbourne!el xx

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